Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Fairy To Do List

You know that beautiful to do list you make for the week while you're sitting at church, and of course listening to the inspiring lesson at the same time? Oh good, you do that too? Glad I am not alone!

Each week, my list looks quite similiar. I write out all of my kid things, house things, church things, work things, and then get to the part of the list that I love the most...My Projects. This is my Fairy Godmother portion of the list. Everything else is a little Cinderella-esque. Wash the dishes, sweep the floor, scrub down the inside of the van...but then, if I'm a good girl, and work hard to finish all of my other chores, then I can spend time on My Projects. As life goes, my weeks usually end up pretty full of real know...homework, and chores, and sick kids, and sick me, and cooking, and chores, and errands and working out, and chores, and running kids to swim, soccer, tennis, kids' zumba, piano, spanish club, birthday parties, doctor's appointments, and preschool, and chores, and spending fabulous time talking with my great friend who is about to move, and certifying to be a Zumba Instructor (woohoo!), and chores, to the point that it would take a wave of a Fairy Godmother's wand to grant me the time to reach that magical part of my list that seems to reappear untouched every week.
That, as you may have guessed, is the part of my list where I jot down my goal to write and create fabulous posts for this little blog of mine at least three times a week. It is in that portion of the list that I remind myself with exclamation points to take beautiful pictures of the healthy recipes I promised my readers at least a month ago, and challenge myself to figure out how to unlock the recording of an awesome interview I did with a very inspirational woman so I can finally share it with you all. It is also the place I vow to offer my personalized graphic design services to you.
Perhaps, if I could sleep a little less...I could fit it all in. So that's my goal this week. Sleep less. Do more. We'll see how that works out.
Until then, I have a little sample of one of the things I can do for you.
Last month, my friend emailed me this list of words:
Go Lancers
Liberty Basketball
Work Hard
You must work like a champion to play here
She wanted something special to display at a basketball ceremony, and to give to her son's teammates. I took her list of the basketball team's core values, along with the instructions that the team colors are blue & red, and that no swirly girl fonts were allowed, and created this:

And wouldn't you know it? They loved it.

Would you like your very own personalized subway-style art? Would you like me to do it for you? Oh, you're a doll. Thanks! Email your words to me at: For $20 I'll send you a completed PDF & JPG file of your artwork. If you want me to print it for you...we'll have to chat.

I wish you all a selfless, passionate, industrious and Fairy Godmother blessed type of week!xoxo,Cumorah