Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happiness Makeover

More than anything in the world, I want my children to be happy.
I have four of them. And may I assure you, there are plenty of times when they are cranky, fussy, tired, feisty, crabby, onery, sassy, and sometimes, even downright angry. But underneath all of that, they are happy little souls ~ and I hope to high heavens that they stay that way forever.
On the days when I'm really, seriously working at being an awesome mom, I try to do things that will help them learn how to be truly happy in spite of the inevitable trials that will come their way.
On the days that I am just surving as a mama, I give them a sucker, wipe their tears and send them on their way.
I must have been in good mom mode when I re-vamped my little girls' bathroom, because I took the time to create this poster which, to me, exudes true joy. I think so much happiness comes from looking for good, being confident enough in yourself to be able to build others up, and knowing your divinity.
Now, everytime my little ladies brush their teeth, get their hair done, chill on the pot or hop in the shower, they read Audrey's sweet words.
Every girl needs to be reminded of these things. Even grown up girls.

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Jane Schreiner said...

Oh most definitely! Both of the lovely Hepburn women, though not related are truly models for us all. Love your blog Cumorah! Nice job. I need my business cards and we need to get together. Let's put a January date on the calendar, 2nd 1/2 of the month? What do you say??

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