Monday, November 28, 2011

Smiling's My Favorite

Just because smiling melts hearts.

And just because I can't believe there are less than 30 days until Christmas.

And just because I'm having a slight panic attack right this second about that fact...

I have decided to give you an early Christmas present. Giving helps calm me down. And giving early...well, that makes me feel oh so accomplished!

Print it*. Pin it*. Share it*.

*{Just give me credit for the design~thank you very much~link people back to this site to view, and, pretty please, do not use it in any way to make money. Following the rules will keep everybody smiling!}

Merry Early {only by 26 days, yipes!} Christmas!

I hope smiling's your favorite too. :)

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Navylangs said...

I have a secret crush on Buddy. Thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

i love this!!

Robin said...

This blog is a great idea! Thanks for starting it!

Chrystal said...

This is great! :)

marie morey said...


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