Friday, January 27, 2012


When you attend the funeral of someone you adore and admire, who has lived a long, full, beautiful life... there are a few tender things that happen.

1. You cry as you explain heaven to your 4 old boy.

2. You swap stories of your cherished childhood memories of Granny with your cousins for hours.

3. You tap your toes, and wipe your eyes as your aunt, cousin and uncle perform a beautiful rendition of I'll Fly I'm sure Granny loved as much as we did.

4. You are inspired to live a fuller, more adventurous life after listening to your dad's perfect talk recounting Gran's life that was packed with travel, music, dancing, waterskiing, teaching, painting, crafting, life-long learning, sparkly jewelry, service and loving mothering.
{Basket for Grace ~ one of my favorite paintings by Granny}

5. You wonder how she was able to do all of these amazing things while being a fifth grade teacher and a mom to four children.

6. You make 3 promises to yourself: a.To learn how to play the guitar this year, b. To live your life outdoors more often, and c. To never, ever stop being excited by your blessed life, and the beautiful world around you.

7. You design a sign of Granny's inspiring wisdom to hang in your home...and it looks a little something like this:

8. You hug your babies, you kiss your brother, you hold your sisters' hands, you cry on your dad's shoulder, and you vow to make your life a little better, a little grander, a little sweeter, a little more like hers.

The end.

If you'd like to read more about my sweet Granny's life, jump here to read the accounts my brilliant sister wrote.


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing her story with me! I've been thinking a lot about it and also about how YOU inspire me. Thanks for lifting me up!

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