Friday, January 6, 2012

On Holidays, a Mishap & Blessings

Have you recovered from the holidays yet? Me neither. Next year, I promise you two things: I will, #1 Simplify and #2 Have my shopping/crafting/sewing done by Thanksgiving.

There were several beautiful, wonderful, inspiring, fun filled things that went RIGHT during the season. ie. T&K got married. {isn't this wedding pic great? pretty sure most brides feel like this!}

We bowled, swam, rocked climbed and shot bows and arrows with our kids and nephews without injury.

Sweet Husband and I hosted a 21 person sit down Thanksgiving Dinner.

{Click here for boat placecard instructions.}

The 400 person sit down dinner party/program I oversaw (luckily not the food part – just the writing, directing, set making, event decorating. publicizing, and concept part) went splendidly, and little B was fantastic as star of the show. Greeting cards were designed and (mostly) sent.

The stockings were hung and the house was trimmed.
Santa's lap was sat in.
A true Christmas Miracle occured when I was able to deliver the organized, divided, complete t-shirt order to our elementary school BEFORE the kids were off for Christmas Break.

Presents were purchased & made. Carols were sung. Treats were delivered. Stockings were filled. Smiles were captured. Heart strings were tugged as we listened to B perform her solo during Sunday services. Christmas dinner at our dining room table surrounded by people we love was delightful. And, we made record time on our car trip to visit my parents for New Years - a mere 8.5 hours.

Fake Christmas was grand.
The dinosaur museum was larger than life.
Ice skating with my sister and our babies was awe-inspiring.
A night out with some of our favorite people at our much loved Brazilian place was perfect.
And then…everything came to a screeching, and I mean a screeching halt. I have never heard screams like I heard that next day. Heavens. It broke a mama's heart.

My sweet seven year old baby girl flew off a piece of playground equipment at the park near my parent’s home and broke her femur, clear up by her hip. We spent the next three days of our vacation with her in the hospital. Agonizing X-Rays, panic, surgery, a metal plate, a bolt, 8 screws, and a long car ride home later, we are back. She is in a wheelchair and will be for the next six weeks. Life is kind of on hold for the moment.
Through the midst of this trauma, we have been blessed with so much love. My mom’s bedside attendance. My Dad & sister’s tending of my other children so I could hold A’s hand, and wipe her tears through it all. The witness of the Lord’s care for us through my husband’s tender blessing. Her cute friends snuggling up on the bed with her to play games and watch movies for hours on end. My amazing friends & mom-in-law caring for her and my other three chitlins so I could get a little break while Sweet Husband is out of town. B’s darling friend whisking her away for reprieve from her sister who, expectedly, has not been her easy going self recently. And the school staff being so graciously accommodating in preparation of her trial return next week.

While her recovery will be a long road, one including sleepless nights, rehabilitation and another surgery, it is not difficult to see our blessings. We are truly blessed, and our greatest blessings come in the form of friends, family, neighbors…all on the errand of angels. Bless you my little angels. Bless you.


Rachel. said...

I'm glad you made it back, and that you have such nice people to help you take care of Az and the others. That would be a scary thing indeed, but thankfully there is some sweetness in it.

Alicia said...

I absolutely loved your Christmas card (as I do all your blog posts.) It's so tough to watch our kiddos suffer. Hoping she recovers quickly. :)

Jen said...

Poor kiddo :( I didn't realize you guys were on vacation at the time...such a blessing to be with your family, but so hard too to be away from home at a time like that. Hope she continues to recover well...

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