Saturday, December 17, 2011

Owl Babies

As requested from sweet little Rachel, here are a couple pics of those owls that kept me up all night. Silly little things. B chose a pink one to keep, and sold the rest (for fake money) as part of a third grade project. There's a little tutorial here (yes, I know hers are WAY cuter than mine) if you would love to make your own owls. I would suggest not trying to make 11 in one night. They are a wee bit more time consuming than they look!

And, yes, I know how important sleep is. I am a much calmer, sweeter, spontaneous dance party type of mama when I have had my fair share of shut eye. Without it, I am a little slower, crankier, 'please go watch a show so I can rest for 15 minutes' type of mama. But every once in seems like every lots in awhile...something requires my staying up past my bedtime to finish. Maybe the number 1 item on my 2012 goals list needs to be: GO TO BED!

But, not until January. There's simply too much to do for Christmas to spend my time sleeping!


Rachel. said...

They are perfect.

We need to do a better job about setting (and keeping) a bedtime around these Austrian parts too, as 2 am seems to be the norm. I don't know how it happens. every. night.

Cumorah said...

Whew! 2am? What on earth are you doing until 2 in the morning? Wait right there. Maybe I don't want to know.

Rachel. said...

Paper writing and architecturing. (Me and Spence, respectively.) It is awful.

Rand & Leah said...

Seriously stealing this for next Christmas- I {heart} owls. They are the theme of Evie's room so maybe you can help me make a bigger one?:)

teenager said...

Wish you A Happy new Year :)
I Like the way you expressed your feelings

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Jen said...

Oh my gosh...I made those last year. I made 3. And then I was done. Those are so cute & I'm impressed you finished so many!

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