Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a taste of my Testimony

I go to church. Every Sunday. For 3 hours. {Well, honestly, I'm usually a snitch late, so we'll make that 2.75 hours}

I do this among other reasons because 1. I am a believer 2. being a part of a community to which I feel responsible helps me be a more loving, more selfless person and 3. I want my children to learn the same values and principles that I did as a child & youth, and the good people at church help me in that quest.

I am not here to debate theology. I believe God truly loves ALL people, not a select few that belong to a certain sect, and that he gives knowledge to ALL people. I will say that I am happy with the life I have chosen. I am happy with the life I am trying to give to my babies. I am happy that I have felt God's love and light in my life.

In my church {yes, I'm a Mormon} we have this little thing called Testimony Meeting. On the first Sunday of each month, during our regular church services, the entire Sacrament Meeting{after the passing & partaking of the sacrament} is open to anyone who might feel prompted to share their testimony with the other members of the congregation. People leave their comfortable seats in the pews {or if you're like me you're usually in the hard metal overflow chairs in the back} make their way to the front of the chapel, step up to the microphone, and share their personal, faith promoting experiences and beliefs.

Would you like a teensy glimpse into how this works? Oh, good. I thought you did. :) Yesterday was one such Sunday. And yesterday, my heart was full. And yesterday, I found myself in front of the microphone wondering if what I had to say was at all important. But there I was, and there was no turning back. The following is what I said. {Mind you, I did not write this down beforehand, so this transcript is from memory of what stumbled out of my mouth...but I think it's pretty close.}

My name is Cumorah McOmber, and the testimony I would like to share today is a simple one. It is that Christ lives and loves us. When I say “us”, I don’t mean merely us - the Cordera Ward. I don’t mean just us – The Mormons. I mean all of us. Humankind. He loves all of us. Everyone. He and His Father have given us the tools to be happy and find joy in this life. They give us opportunities to see their hand in life all around us. I have witnessed these things in several ways this month.

I have felt the power of the Priesthood as my husband and father gave my daughter who was suffering, and in pain, a blessing of comfort and healing before she went in for surgery.
I have seen Their tender mercies as I was given the opportunity to snuggle up with my Granny on her bed and sit and chat and hug and kiss her just two weeks before her unexpected death.
I have felt comfort and peace as we gathered together to celebrate her amazing, uplifting and inspiring life, and felt joy in the knowledge and testimony I have of eternal families and the Plan of Salvation, knowing that she has joined the other half of her dynamic duo, my Grandpa who is equally amazing. I felt for those in attendance who do not share that same testimony, who were pained and sorrowed at her passing. That is a sorrowful thing, to not believe in the eternities, and that life and love continue on. That is a sorrowful thing.

I have seen Their great compassion and love for all of us, as I have spoken with my sister about her trials with depression, and how she was given hope and encouragement in the knowledge that even a prophet of God, George Albert Smith, who’s teachings we are studying in Relief Society and Elders’ Quorum this year, suffered through the same thing. I have witnessed that the Lord loves us and looks after us all, even through our struggles.

And just this morning, when I learned that my father was to be called as Bishop of his ward today, the Spirit spoke to me, acknowledging that “Yes! Of course! This is where he is meant to be, and what he is supposed to be doing.” The Spirit spoke to me. What a precious gift.
You know, sometimes, as a mom, as a parent, I get nervous that I am doing it wrong. I look to my dad, a man who never raised his voice to me, who was gentle, and kind, but whose quiet words “I am disappointed” were crushing beyond belief, and I believe that is what the Savior and His Father must be like. They are gentle, and kind, and oh, I do not want to disappoint them. Luckily, they have given us the tools we need to live our lives well here, and they surround us with their love. We are given the opportunity to share that love and be a blessing on their behalf with everyone around us. I have had those opportunities, and I have been a recipient of those blessings, which strengthen my testimony that Christ truly lives. That I have a Heavenly Father. And that they love me, just as they do all of “us”.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Rachel Hunt said...

It sounds like a truly great testimony, and while I'm sad that I didn't get to hear it, I am glad that I got to read it. I cried as I read your words (but the good kind of crying.) Bapa Hunt will be a truly great bishop for all of those reasons you said, and many, many more.

Cumorah said...

Thanks Rachie. love you.

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