Friday, February 3, 2012

Slim Down Series - #2

So a couple weeks ago, I was in the ladies room at the gym and encountered an advertisment that looked very similiar to this: If they were trying to get me to go home right after my workout and eat an entire stack of cookies by myself, their advertisement was extremely effective. If, on the other hand, they were attempting to lure me to their cafe to buy their shake mix. They failed. Bigtime. There should be a rule about posting pictures of delicous looking cookies at the gym. Their ad should have looked a little more like this:
Now that might have given me the urge to sample their fruit protein shake...which I know they carry...instead of giving me a hankering for dessert. Pictures of greasy, flat cookies at the gym? Sure. Plump, scrumptious, cookies? Heavens no. I get enough temptation in the comforts of my own home, I certainly don't need it at the gym too!
As a mama, I think one of the trickiest parts of trying to eat healthy {I won't say 'diet' because that sounds too much like something you do for a few days and then quit} is preparing yummy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for my kids - that they will actually eat - and having to prepare completely different, healthier things for me. Little Cal's PB&J on white bread with the crust cut off, sounds like heaven when I'm eating dry tuna and pickles for lunch.
I have found though, that if I have my healthy food prepared ahead of time, or even if I have a 'go to' healthy food list written down, it is much easier to thwart the temptation to sneak PB&J's or french toast smothered in butter & syrup & powdered sugar off my chitlins' plates.

One thing I should say before I give you my little list, is this: my healthy eating plan is not scientific. It is based on what works for me that I have found through trial and error, and from reading lots and lots of diet plans. The rule of thumb that works for me is to: Eat one portion {about the size of your fist} of protein, one portion of smart carb {like a fruit, or whole wheat, or red potatoes - no white carbs}, and as many vegetables as you want for every meal, and drink lots & lots of water.
Here is my go to list of super simple, real things to throw together or stock your fridge with. No frills. No Salmon with chutney. Just real, every day, healthy eats:

Green Smoothie Protein Shake ~ Look for this recipe in a future post

Cottage Cheese

Scrambled egg & egg whites with turkey, green onions and red peppers

Plain oatmeal with a snitch of vanilla & cinnamon
Whole wheat Sandwich Thin {half} with almond butter

And last, but certainly not least, Homemade 'Lara' Balls
Open faced turkey sandwich

I take a whole wheat round sandwich thin, add mustard, then stack with mesquite smoked turkey, tomatoes, and green onions and microwave for 15 seconds (just so it gets a little juicy) and add sprouts to the top. Delish.
Plain tuna with chopped pickles {I can only hack this probably once a week}
Crockpot shredded chicken salad ~ Look for this recipe in a future post
Black Bean & Corn Salsa ~ Look for this recipe in a future post
No noodle Turkey Lasagna ~ Look for this recipe in a future post
Grilled Chicken with Fruit Salsa ~ Look for this recipe in a future post
White Bean Chicken Soup ~ Look for this recipe in a future post
Shredded Chicken & Black Bean tacos on whole wheat tortilla
Lara Bars/Homemade 'Lara' Balls
Turkey Jerky
Chewable Vitamin C {sweet enough to pass for dessert in a bind!}
Whole Peas
and Extra Mint Chocolate Chip Gum

Heaven bless the people at Wrigley's for conjuring up this 5 calorie dessert. Love it. Here's to a healthier 2012 version of you! Look for more simple, everyday, healthy recipes in upcoming posts, and remember, YOU CAN DO ANTYHING!


Jen-chan said...

Really enjoying these posts Cumorah. Keep with it. I'll let you know how the recipes come out in my kitchen!

Rachel Hunt said...

It's amazing how much better/more effective your sign is than the real campaign. That berry shake sure makes me want a smoothie, and a blender to make that smoothie in, and a kitchen. Hopefully all of those things will come with time. I also want to try the homemade Larabars one day, because you know how I like Larabars, and also how pricey they are. I also like what you said about finding things that work for you, because while I'm sure that many broad principles would apply here, it is probably also true that bodies are different, and one thing that might work for one might not work for another, even with tastes and likes. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see the rest of the recipes.

Shauna_Rae said...

LOVE this! That sandwich looks divine. This is my problem, I work out hard, BUT I don't watch what I eat. I HAVE to be better about this. Thanks for your post filled with ideas for me!

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